Women's Physical Security, scaled 2014 Inequity in Family Law, scaled 2011
Women's Physical Security 2014 Inequity in Family LawPractice_2011tif_wmlogo2
Discrepant Government Behavior Concerning Women, scaled 2015 Clan Governance Index, scaled 2015
Discrepant Government Behavior Concerning Women_2009tif_wmlogo2 Clan Governance
Brideprice, Dowry, and Wedding Costs, scaled 2016 Women's Mobility, scaled 2017
Dowry Costs Women's Mobility
Female Genital Cutting, scaled 2015 Laws Concerning Property Rights for Women, scaled 2012
femalegenitalcutting_2015_2 laws_concerning_property_rights_for_women_2012tif_wmlogo2
Practice of Property Rights for Women, scaled 2012 Property Rights in Law and Practice for Women, scaled 2011
practice_of_property_rights_for_women_2012tif_wmlogo2 property_rights_in_law_and_practice_for_women_2011tif_wmlogo2
Prevalence and Legal status of Polygyny, scaled 2016 Practice of Child Marriage for Girls, scaled 2015
Prevalence and Legal Status of Polygyny 2016 updatedaom1.jpg
Laws Concerning Child Marriage for Girls, scaled 2015 Child Marriage Practice and Law, scaled 2015
ageofmarriageaom2_2015_11.jpg Child Marriage for Girls Practice and Law_2015
Prevalence of Patrilocal Marriage, scaled 2016 Prevalence and Legality of Cousin Marriage, scaled 2016
marrscale12016 marrscale22016.jpg
Maternal Mortality, scaled 2015 Government Participation by Women, scaled 2016
Maternal Mortality Rate 2015 Governmental Participation by Women 2016
Birth Rates, scaled 2015 Life Expectancy of Women, scaled 2015
birthrates2015 Life Expectancy of Women_2012_wmlogo
Difference in Life Expectancy of Women, scaled 2015 Son Preference and Sex Ratio, scaled 2015
Difference in Life Expectancy between Women and Men_2012_wmlogo Son Preference and Sex Ratios_2015
Trafficking of Women, scaled 2015 Intermingling in Public in the Islamic World, scaled 2008
traffscale12015.jpg Intermingling in Public in the Islamic World_2008tif_wmlogo2
Required Dress Codes for Women (Islamic States), scaled 2008 Prevalence of Rape, scaled 2011
Required Codes of Dress for Women in the Islamic World_2008tif_wmlogo2 prevalence_of_rape_2011tif_wmlogo2
Strength of Barriers to Reporting Rape, scaled 2011 Estimate of Rape Under-Reporting, scaled 2015
lrwscale52015 lrwscale72015
Estimate of Marital Rape Victimization, scaled 2015 Existence of Enclaves of Higher Rape Prevalence, scaled 2015
lrwscale52015 lrwscale72015
Scope of Laws Concerning Rape, scaled 2015 Legal Exemption for Rapists if Marriage Proposed, scaled 2015
lrwscale52015 lrwscale72015
Comprehensiveness of Domestic Violence Law, scaled 2017 Evidence Required Under Domestic Violence Law, scaled 2017
lrwscale52015 lrwscale72015
Adequacy of Penalties and Protections Under Domestic Violence Law, scaled 2017 Overall Adequacy of Domestice Violence Law, scaled 2017
lrwscale52015 lrwscale72015
Rate of Murder of Women, scaled 2010 Societal Sanction for the Murder of Women/Femicide, scaled 2016
rateofmurderofwomen2010 rateofmurderofwomen2010
Discrepancy in Secondary Education, Scaled 2015 Legal Restrictions on Abortion, Scaled 2016
discrepancysecondaryeducation2015_11correct.jpg aboscale12016.jpg
Formal Commitment to CEDAW, Scaled 2016 Presence of National Gender Equality Action Plan, Scaled 2015
atcscale12015.jpg atcscale22015.jpg
Legal Declaration of Gender Equality, Scaled 2015 Government Framework for Gender Equality, Scaled 2015
constscale12015.jpg multivarscale52015.jpg
Patrilineality/Fraternity Syndrome Scale, Scaled 2017